Portraits of Adam Del Rio

Musician Adam Del Rio Photographed by Paul Pratt.

The last time I photographed Adam Del Rio (Nashville, TN), in October, it was pouring with rain and we were in a derelict building with water pouring in everywhere. This time we made sure we were warm and dry, at his house. With beer. Adam is a fun guy to be around, he’s also a very talented performer so we simply had him set up his amp, microphone (which for some reason I called microscope all day long) and just had him sing/play while we shot. Very similar to Songs for Eating and Drinking but on a much smaller scale.

Musician Adam Del Rio Photographed by Paul Pratt.

Adam Del Rio photographed by Paul Pratt

Musician Adam Del Rio Photographed by Paul Pratt.

Here’s some of Adam’s songs for you, very much worth a listen, you can follow Adam on Twitter right here.

Many thanks to Adam for the opportunity once again. As usual thanks to Leo Coral for his stellar help and to Will Valle for making a guest appearance.

Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to work with me let me know!

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  1. Last 2 are just sick! The way you were able to get the light to outline his face is perfect. For sure this guy can use this for promo work. Great job once again.

    • Thanks Glyn

      I have to thank Scott Kelby for the basics of that setup, I added a little special sauce to it…but still, credit where it’s due!



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